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The Verge launches, at long last!

The new home of technology journalists Joshua Topolsky (who also has his own column in the Washington Post), Nilay Patel, and Paul Miller launched early this morning.  It's been under wraps since its announcement this past spring, when the inseperable trio of dapper gadgeteers fled the burning ship of Engadget after its purchase by the content-farming, media-banalizing AOL.  Teaming up with SB Nation, an online media network known for its sports coverage (of all things), they vowed to create a new home for their fans that was bigger, more advanced, more beautiful, and just all around better than any other technology news coverage site out there.

I think it's fair to say that they've done just that.  The social media integration seems so far to be unlike anything I've ever seen anywhere else (such as tweeting individual forum posts), and the layout of the homepage is rich and elegantly curated, and refreshingly app-like.  A webshow is in the making, and with Josh's sharp eye and wry wit, Nilay's uncontrolled laughter and litigious expertise, and Paul's goofiness and unabashed optimism, it's likely to be enormously entertaining.

So go ahead, create your own profile, and make the most of this awesome and ambitious new project by some of the coolest and most forward-thinking journalist/geeks around!

(And hopefully this post doesn't ironically canabalize my already meager readership...)