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Visionary Steve Jobs dies at age 56

Waves of shock and grief rippled across the world yesterday after the announcement that Steve Jobs, co-founder and former CEO of Apple, had quietly passed away.  A visionary artist and genius engineer, Jobs' name has become synonymous with astute inspiration, intense dedication, raw ambition, and an inability to settle for anything less than the absolute best.  He was a seer of products so refined and flawlessly crafted that they have become a source of daily joy for those who use them, and have ushered in an information revolution that has enlightened, informed, consoled, and empowered all of society – the world is a better place because of him, and the indelible impact he made has redefined the technology industry as well as the definition of what it means to be a forward-thinking and innovative company.

Headlines all across the media today are dedicated to the man who not only introduced to the world iPods and iPhones, but also helped birth the modern graphical user-interface that we all use today.